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The Precious Metals Assay and Training Institute (PMATI) is a skill development initiative to help the gold industry and reinstate quality assurance to the consumers. The not for profit company is an industry driven body which has been set up with the following principal objectives:

  • Providing training and certification in the field of assaying
  • Standardizing and promoting best practices for gold and precious metals industry
  • Providing learning opportunities, acquiring new techniques and upgrading existing skills

Basic Certificate Course in Assaying

The 30 day long Basic Certification Course covers major subjects such as Fire Assay methods of analysis of gold and XRF.

The course is divided into 4 weeks of learnings: foundation week, basic week, expertise week, and regulations and assessment week.



Gold is one of the most coveted commodities all over the planet. Assaying is the process of determining the purity or quality of gold in a piece of jewellery, coin, bar or ingot.

The different methods that are employed to determine the content or quality are Touch stone method, X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), Inductive coupled Plasma (ICP), Spark spectrometer, Fire Assay and Wet Assaying.


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